FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. (WCCO) — The Minnesota State Fair is wrapping up a healthy 12 days.

Saturday broke a daily attendance record. Depending on Monday’s crowd, there could be another broken record. The latest numbers can be found here.

Hard to tell the end was near Monday. This fair is still in full swing.

The fair is on pace to have close to 2 million visitors this season, numbers that awe even the regulars.

Although the crowds were vast, the experience was personal. It seemed everyone was on a quest of their own.

“Yeah, I had my morning coffee so I don’t hurt anybody,” said Monica Bosby, of St. Paul. “Now I’m looking for cheese curds.”

Mike Mockbee said he was looking for fried cream cheese-stuffed olives.

“We came over here specifically to have these, talking with my mouth open because they’re so good,” Mockbee said.

Just the kind of response the owners of the stand were hoping for, said Alison Gomisky, who runs Fried Fruit and Deep Fried Olives.

“It’s a good year. Weather’s been good so the people have been coming out,” Gomisky said.

She says the stand is right on the cusp of their best year ever.

It was a fair to remember and next year to look forward to, Gomisky said.

“A new flavor, yes,” Gomisky said. “They’ve already got bacon, jalapeno – can’t wait to see what next year’s flavor brings.”

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield