MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Mom always said not to skip breakfast. September is Better Breakfast Month, and a new survey shows what Americans love to eat.

According to the survey conducted by the National Honey Board, of the respondents, 69 percent said eggs where their favorite thing to eat for the first meal of the day.

While 46 percent chose bacon or sausage.

Those two breakfast staples were followed by cereal (44 percent), fruit (42 percent) and oatmeal (39 percent).

Some of the other items that popped up among people’s favorite things to eat included hash browns (30 percent), biscuits and gravy (17 percent), corned beef hash (8 percent) and chicken and waffles (4 percent).

One percent opted for “none of the above.”

Strictly savory flavors were the favorite profile for almost every age group, with the exception of Gen Z, who instead slightly prefer a mix of savory and sweet.

  1. I peel and cut up an apple every morning, and share it with my two dogs.

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