MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The battle between the Twin Cities is nothing new. St. Paul is the capital. Minneapolis is the biggest. But which one is superior?

It’s a question WCCO hopes to answer when teams from the respective cities compete in a tug-of-war over the Mississippi Saturday.

Before the battle, however, WCCO takes a closer look at the Minnesota rivalry.

St. Paul is the oldest, founded in 1854. Minneapolis has the largest population with more than 413 thousand citizens. But which city is the best?

Minneapolis and St. Paul — they are known for being Twins, but locals know them for their differences.

Paul Babekuhl is a northeast Minneapolis native.

“We got the sports teams, we got both the Vikings and the Twins, so those are my two favorite teams,” Babekuhl said. “We got the Timberwolves, too.”

Jim Carlson lives in St. Paul.

“The capital, Xcel Energy Center, the river — those are the top three things,” Carlson said.

That’s only part of where the differences begin. Minneapolis is known for Fulton; St. Paul, for Summit. Minneapolis has the ‘Jucy Lucy’ at Matt’s Bar and Grill, while St. Paul has the ‘Blucy Lucy’ at Blue Door Pub. Minneapolis has Murray’s steaks, and St. Paul has Mancini’s steaks.

The Mississippi divides the two cities and the cities divide opinions.

Paul Mabon says he has a clear favorite.

“I would have to say St. Paul … it’s quant, it’s family friendly, it’s beautiful,” Mabon said.

Tiffany Tu, moved to the Twin Cities recently and chooses Minneapolis.

“I probably prefer Minneapolis because I feel like there’s more to do there,” Tu said.

Nina Englund said St. Paul tops Minneapolis.

“St. Paul all the way,” Englund said. “We’ve got this history, it’s a booming city, it’s dog friendly and it’s just – we’re boring, but we’re a fun boring.”

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey chimed in, too.

“What does Minneapolis have that St. Paul doesn’t? Uh, fun! Action, lots of action, excitement, cool factor — we got a whole lot,” Frey said.

Minneapolis and St. Paul — twins that are not identical.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield