EDINA, Minn. (WCCO) – The attorney of a woman whose vehicle crashed into a Holiday gas station store Saturday in Edina says the car accelerated by itself three blocks before reaching the store.

“My client’s vehicle began what appeared to be full acceleration by itself roughly 3 blocks before the Holiday gas station where the accident occurred,” reads the attorney’s statement, which was released Monday. “She had to make a split-second decision as to where best to crash, as she had no other choice.”

Following the incident, five people – including the 46-year-old driver from Edina – were transported to local hospitals for injuries. Police said one individual was in serious condition.

“She is devastated that people were injured and prays for their speedy recovery. She is grateful no lives were lost and believes that the other alternatives would have been much worse as there were many pedestrians and vehicles,” the statement continued. “She lost consciousness herself and sustained other injuries.”

Police say the woman was traveling westbound on Interlachen Boulevard when she veered off the road and into the store.

The incident is currently under investigation, police said.

“She will fully cooperate with authorities to help determine the cause of her vehicle’s apparent operational failure,” the statement concluded.

No additional information has been released at this time.

Comments (2)
  1. Dean Urevig says:

    Shift to neutral, apply brakes, turn the key off.

  2. Trevor Frith says:

    More likely a Type Two right foot pedal error. Download Revision History by Malcolm Gladwell, Episode 8, Blame Game. NHTSA finally had to admit that it was the drivers (Who had not been properly taught how to brake an OT car) and not Toyota. Too bad those in charge refuse to get rid of the Killer right foot braking method and replace it with the left foot braking method.

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