By Esme Murphy

EDINA, Minn. (WCCO) — The attorney who represents a woman who slammed into an Edina gas station says the Toyota SUV accelerated without warning, forcing her to crash the car.

The crash happened Saturday afternoon at the Holiday station on Interlachen Boulevard near Vernon Avenue and Highway 100.

Hanan Sabri was driving.

She lost consciousness after the crash and four other people in the gas station were hurt.

The stretch of Interlachen Boulevard is clearly marked 30 mph.

The street curves sharply before the Holiday gas station, just a few feet away from a busy intersection.

Attorney Robert Speeter says after his client’s 2014 Toyota RAV4 abruptly accelerated, she steered it into the gas station to avoid the intersection, then lost consciousness.

“She tried to hit the brakes, the brakes would not work,” Speeter said.

He insists alcohol and drugs were not a factor.

“She has never had a drink in her life and she certainly doesn’t do drugs,” Speeter said.

Speeter says Hanan Sabri voluntarily agreed to toxicology tests.

Toyota gave WCCO this statement:

“We remain committed to investigating reported incidents of unintended acceleration in our vehicles quickly. We will also work in close cooperation with law enforcement agencies and federal regulators with jurisdiction over accident scenes whenever requested.”

For a number of years, Toyota has dealt with claims of vehicles suddenly accelerating. In a 2006 Twin Cities case, Koua Fong Lee’s Toyota Camry accelerated, killing three people.

Lee was sentenced to prison, but later released and exonerated after millions of Toyotas were recalled for acceleration problems and an appeals court ruled in his favor.

WCCO reached out to Edina Police to get the latest on the investigation and the others who were wounded, but did not hear back.

Speeter says Sabri is back at home and recovering from her injuries.

Esme Murphy

  1. Koua Fong Lee was not “exonerated” for his killing three people. A whacko socialist Sanctuary City judge overturned a good conviction where there was clear and compelling evidence of his guilt. Subject to a new trial, the prosecutor let him slide with time served instead subjecting the families of his victims to further duress and the State to the added expense. Here again we see another no speakee Engrish claiming to be the victim of her own horrendous driving behavior.

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