MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Stearns County Sheriff’s deputy is recovering well after being shot by a stolen bow and arrow during a standoff Thursday.

On Friday morning, the sheriff’s office tweeted a picture of Deputy Paul Orvis, who stopped by the office to say good morning.

“Deputy Paul Orvis is doing well and will make a full recovery,” the sheriff’s office said.

The incident began Thursday morning in Osakis, where deputies say the suspect — a 31-year-old man — stole a black pickup truck and began driving towards Sauk Centre.

Once in town, he drove into parked cars through backyards and eventually into a garage on 10th Street. He then ran into the home. Neighbors and a nearby school were evacuated.

When officers went into the home, they say the suspect appeared from the second floor with a compound bow. He then shot Deputy Orvis in the forearm with a target arrow.

Officers returned fire, hitting the man in the shoulder, hand and buttocks. After a two-hour standoff, they used an electroshock weapon to finally subdue him, and then took him into custody. He was brought to the St. Cloud Hospital.


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