MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Police say 171 pounds of methamphetamine — believed to be the largest single seizure of the drug in state history — were seized Tuesday.

Four men were arrested and charged in Hennepin County District Court in connection with the seizure, including Fernando Ramos Meza, 33; Peter Martin, 34; Javier Lopez, 46; and Juan Daniel Valdez Mendoza, 23.

(credit: Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office)

Police found 39 packages, each containing approximately 4.4 pounds of methamphetamine, at a residence in the 3600 block of Dupont Avenue North. Additional smaller packages of methamphetamine, a sawed-off shotgun, 1.1 ounces of tar heroin and several thousand dollars were also found.

Agents with the Cannon River Drug and Violent Offender Task Force seized the drugs as part of an ongoing trafficking investigation that began in January. The Minneapolis SWAT team helped serve the search warrant at the residence.

According to police, the seizure could sell wholesale for approximately $684,000. When the seized drugs are broken down into $100/gram for street level sales, the value would be over $7,750,000.

Five adults and three children were at the residence during the time of the search.

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  1. No more photo-ops Amy. Build the wall. They are walking meth and Heroin into the USA. One can not be for the reduction of Opiates without attacking the unhindered flow of drugs. We must support the wall. USA first. Amy and Tina need to be replaced. Good people are dying.

  2. Chris Bleckinger says:

    Isn’t living in a Sanctuary City great? Remember this in November before you vote for more open border Democrats!

  3. I wonder if it says giving aid and comfort to people with 171 pounds of methamphetamine is Treason?

  4. Jessie James says:

    VOTE RED !!!!!!! Save your children