By Jason DeRusha

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Here is a statistic for you: Coffee is the second-most traded commodity in the world, only behind petroleum.

And cappuccino, a mixture of expresso and steamed milk, is one of the more popular ways to drink coffee.

But with all the coffee competition out there, who does it best?

At the busy corner of a 126th Street and Nicollet Avenue in Burnsville, you can get pretty much anything you might need. You can pick up a six pack, get your hair done, pick out a wedding dress — and you can also witness Maryjo Stevens. The trained barista and owner of Jo Jo’s Rise and Wine make the best cappuccino in Minnesota.

“We are putting steam into the milk so steam comes out the very top of it, 160 [degrees],” Maryjo said. “And we hold it back in the beginning and then we just let it come out on the top.”

Looks delicious! But wait — what about my beautiful floret, or my nature scene, or my cappuccino panda?

“We do not here,” Maryjo said.

(credit: CBS)

We are going to go out on a limb here and say that having a swan in you cappuccino, although beautiful, probably is not going to make it taste any better.

“It tastes good, that’s what we go for, the taste,” Maryjo said. “We put a lid on it anyway, sometimes.”

Good point, Maryjo. Besides, it seems for the last 11 years it has been the relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere at Jo Jo’s that keeps people coming back.

“When we opened our doors, we comment that we want to be the ‘Cheers’ of Burnsville, and so we really focus on making people feel like they’re at home,” Maryjo said.

“We don’t have a Norm, but we do have a Jeremy, and we have a Randy, and we have a Brad and a Jack,” said server Kris.

Now, you may have noticed the sign outside says “rise and wine.”

“One of my workers at Caribou decided we’ll do the wine with coffee and wake people up, and then put them to sleep with the wine, so we did ‘Rise and Wine’ [laughs]!” she said. “It’s working!”

Their wine and beer offerings include a solid assortment of locally made Minnesota wines and beers. They also serve up great pizzas and salads.

Aside from a great food menu, Jo Jo’s also has a meeting room available for corporate and social gatherings.

Jason DeRusha


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