MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Jacob Wetterling’s kidnapping changed the course of many lives — and one man is still waiting for answers as to why he became the primary focus in the case. WCCO-TV looked into what Thursday’s documents could mean for Dan Rassier. The local music teacher lives on a farm near the spot in St. Joseph where Jacob was kidnapped. The area was dug up in 2010 when Rassier was publically named a person of interest in the case.

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After Danny Heinrich‘s confession, Rassier filed a lawsuit against Stearns County and specific investigators. Rassier is seeking at least $2 million in damages. He says the former sheriff retaliated against him for speaking critically about the investigation.

The new Stearns County Sheriff told WCCO-TV Thursday the active litigation keeps him from commenting on why Rassier was looked at so closely. But in the more than 40,000 documents released Thursday, we did find an extensive collection of pictures related to Rassier: From his farm property to several packages of potential evidence where Rassier is clearly labeled a suspect.

Rassier’s attorney, Mike Padden, sat in on Thursday’s press conference.

“We were very happy with the information that was disseminated today. He wants the truth to come out that these people threw him under the bus for no good reason and today’s press conference helps to solidify that fact,” Padden said.

Rassier’s lawsuit is still in the discovery phase. They are not scheduled to go to trial until October of 2019.


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