By Liz Collin

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As the election draws near, you’ve no doubt noticed more political ads and campaign signs. But those yard signs can point to a problem if they’re put in the wrong spot.

Make sure you’ve got the right rules before you stick your sign of support in the ground.

Edina City Clerk Deb Mangen says sign rules vary from one town to the next.

“In Edina, we do allow signs in the public right of way, but they need to be at least 10 feet from the traveled portion of the street,” Mangen said. “They need to be posted with permission of the adjoining property owner.”

She says political signs can be up from June 22 to 10 days after the general election.

As far as state law, the Minnesota Department of Transportation reminds people that political signs can not be placed on highway rights of way. Signs placed in driving lanes, shoulders and ditches are subject to a misdemeanor. But if the sign contributes to damages or a crash, steeper penalties exist.
MnDOT has more details about political signage.
“We do get people who will call and say, ‘Hey, we think there’s a sign that doesn’t belong,'” Mangen said.
State law supersedes local ordinances on size and number of political signs, giving the public more freedom of display.
Both MnDOT and the city of Edina have collected campaign signs and plan to throw them away.

Liz Collin