MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Star Tribune is one of two media companies pushing to unseal the divorce records of Rep. Keith Ellison, who is running for attorney general amid allegations of domestic abuse by an ex-girlfriend.

The state’s largest newspaper said Tuesday that it is joining a legal effort to unseal the records from the congressman’s 2012 divorce from Kim Ellison. The first media outlet to file a motion was Alpha News, a conservative-leaning Minnesota news website.

The motions to unseal the divorce records come in the wake of allegations against the congressman from Karen Monahan, an ex-girlfriend of Ellison’s who says he forcibly dragged her off a bed. She says video of the incident exists. Ellison says that’s not true.

Recently, Monahan tweeted images of medical documents from 2017, which showed her reporting to doctors that she was in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship with the congressman.

Ellison, a Democrat, is facing Republican Doug Wardlow in a November election for attorney general. The allegations against him surfaced in August, just days before a crowded Democratic primary.

The Star Tribune says that it’s pursing the motion to unseal Ellison’s divorce records because it’s “a matter of concern” for Minnesota voters.

Ellison’s ex-wife has been supportive of her former husband since the allegations were made public. In August, she said that the behavior described in the allegations “does not match the character” of the man she knows.

In a statement to the newspaper from Ellison’s campaign, the Ellisons said that their divorce isn’t the public’s business.

The Star Tribune says it’s requested to have its motion heard in Hennepin County court on Oct. 9, the same day that Alpha News is slated to have its motion heard.

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  1. John Trenter says:

    Ellison is afraid. He should be as many of us believe the allegations are true. Ellison should withdraw!! The Star-Tribune is for once doing the right thing in putting the truth above politics in suing for Ellison’s divorce records, they are part of a huge public discourse right now and the courts should unseal them. Ellison has so much to hide and the public has great interest in finding out what he is hiding. Folks, this is for the highest law enforcement position in our state, we have aright to know what crimes such a candidate has committed and how many times he has committed them. More and more voters are coming to believe Ellison is NOT FIT to be our next AG!!!

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