By Heather Brown

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Starting Monday, most Minnesota driver’s license offices will begin offering REAL ID driver’s licenses and ID cards.

So, should you get one?

Before anyone makes the decision on what kind of driver’s license to apply for, it’s important to note standard Minnesota driver’s licenses can be used to board domestic flights until Oct. 1, 2020.

“Since there is no need to obtain a REAL ID at this time, state officials are suggesting that residents wait to apply unless they need to change their name or address, or renew their current license,” writes the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, in a press release. “This will help ease the transition to the new card and reduce wait times.”

Minnesotans will have three options for driver’s licenses starting Monday: a standard license, a REAL ID license and an enhanced license. Here are what those licenses will offer and cost.

The standard license can be used to drive in Minnesota or as an official ID. To renew, a driver needs to bring in their expired license (pending time constraints – see here for more information).

For a new standard license, two documents that identify a driver are required, like a passport, birth certificate or marriage certificate. The cost to renew is $25.25.

The REAL ID license can be used to drive and as an official ID. But people will be able to use it to board domestic flights after Oct. 1, 2020, instead of bringing a passport.

It can also be used for access to federal facilities, like military bases or nuclear facilities.

The cost of a REAL ID driver’s license is $25.25. If drivers choose to renew their license, there would be an additional cost of $2 to $6.

See here for more information on REAL ID requirements.

The enhanced driver’s license does everything a REAL ID does, but has the added benefit of being a border crossing document by land or sea into Canada, Mexico and some Caribbean countries.

This is the only license of the three that requires the driver be a U.S. citizen.

To apply for an Enhanced ID, six documents are required.

They are:

–Proof of date of birth and that the driver legally lives in the U.S. Examples would include a birth certificate, passport or naturalization papers.
–Proof of Social Security number. Examples would include a pay stub, W2 or social security card.
–Two documents that prove a driver lives in the Minnesota. Examples would include a credit card statement, income tax return or driver’s license.
— Proof of U.S. citizenship. Examples would include a birth certificate, passport, or naturalization papers.
–Proof of Photographic ID. Examples would include a driver’s license or military ID.

The cost of the Enhanced ID is $25.25 (the cost of the REAL and standard licenses) plus $15. See here for more information on Enhanced driver’s license requirements.

Heather Brown

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  1. I think the State of Minnesota might be trying to cover up election fraud.

    Whatever happened to that investigation of 40,000 people with more than one ID in Minnesota?