MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Congressman Keith Ellison says he is requesting a House Ethics Committee investigation into physical abuse allegations against him.

Karen Monahan says Ellison dragged her off a bed by her feet in 2016 while screaming obscenities at her.

Keith Ellison (credit: CBS)

The democrat running for Minnesota attorney general denies it ever happened.

In recent weeks, Monahan has shared medical records and details of the alleged abuse.

Karen Monahan (credit: CBS)

In a statement, she wrote in part, “The smears and fabrications that have been spread in the community and media about me are not about a politics of justice and humanity, in fact they are cruel and mean spirited.”

Doug Wardlow, the GOP candidate for Minnesota attorney general, said he welcomes “any open and transparent investigation into these allegations as the victims should be heard.”

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  1. Not to mention his association with the nation of islam, his support for cop killers,his desire for open boarders,and his sole reason for wanting to be MN AG- to throw a wrench in very successful center right agenda that has seen historically high employment,standing up to the bad actors in the world,rectifying trade deals and fixing the immigration system dis-function.