MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The City of Minneapolis has made a number of revisions to its 2040 plan in light of some of the input they’ve received from residents over the last few months.

The plan, which covers city infrastructure and housing as well as topics such as racial equity, has been the subject to some scrutiny from a number of residents.

Earlier this summer, WCCO reported that the proposal would allow four-plexes in every part of the city. Currently, about two-thirds of Minneapolis is zoned exclusively for single-family homes.

The city says that one of the changes made was to reduce the number of units they’d allow on a single-family lot from four to three. They also said that the multi-unit buildings would need to fit within the height and massing requirements of single-family homes.

Another change made to the plan in the current draft is to scale back the allowable building height along high-frequency transit corridors, including areas north of Lowry Avenue and south of 38th Street, from six stories to just four.

“The updated draft plan addresses many comments that expressed a lack of clarity in the first draft,” city officials said in a Friday press release. “The final draft attempts to clarify these provisions, define terms and better organize some sections to create a more understandable document.”

The city’s Planning Commission and City Council will review the draft, seeking additional input from the community later this fall. They expect final adoption to be finished by December.

Click here to read more about the Minneapolis 2040 plan.


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