MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Past success doesn’t appear to mean much when it comes to restaurants trying to make it in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood.

The latest closure announcement is that of Vietnamese restaurant Lotus, according to City Pages. The location at 2841 Hennepin Avenue debuted about 17 months ago, and it’s set to serve its last bowl of pho on Sunday.

The longtime family-owned business, which has its flagship location near downtown Minneapolis and other in Maple Grove, told City Pages that the Uptown location was just too big for them.

Still, Lotus Uptown lasted longer on the troubled Hennepin Avenue location than other recent tenants. In past years, Mexican restaurant Salsa a la Salsa tried to make it work, so did a gay sports bar, and a southern-style comfort food restaurant. All were out in a matter of months.

Years ago, the location was an Old Chicago Pizza.

Still, family behind Lotus say they learned a lot over the past year-and-a-half. They told City Pages they plan to return to the neighborhood some day, just with a smaller operation.


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