By Pat Kessler

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party won’t publicly release its draft report of the findings into the abuse allegations against Rep. Keith Ellison, but confirms it cannot substantiate them.

In a written statement, party Chair Ken Martin said, “For the purpose of of objectivity” the information will be sent to local authorities to “review the contents and determine whether further investigation is warranted.”

Ellison’s former girlfriend alleges that an angry Ellison dragged her off a bed by her feet in 2016 — a claim he denies.

She has publicly released some of her medical records, but has not released what she says is a video of the incident.

In a statement from his campaign, Ellison praised the investigation as thorough, independent and fair.

“I believe women who come forward must be heard, and to have their allegations fully investigated,” Ellison said.

Republican Attorney General candidate Doug Wardlow says the DFL investigation was farmed out to a law firm with strong Democratic ties.

He says there’s plenty of evidence to proceed.

“I think there is plenty of evidence for the public to conclude that something happened here, and that Keith Ellison is likely liable,” Wardlow said. “And I think that Keith Ellison is completely unfit to be the state’s top law enforcement official.”

Ellison’s accuser, Karen Monahan, referred to her lawyer for comment. He says they haven’t seen the report yet, saying it’s “troubling” and “hurtful.”

Monahan also responded, saying in part, “this is why I didn’t tell and I said it from the beginning, I didn’t expect to be heard, believed or validated.”

Monahan says she’s willing to sit down with Ellison on live TV to discuss the alleged abuse.

Pat Kessler

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  1. I demand Sen. Klobuchar call for a full FBI investigation into the allegations made against Keith Ellison

  2. Randy Johnson says:

    Amazing that in the case of Kavanaugh,his accuser has to be believed unconditionally because she is a woman and the victim or at least that is what Democrats say….. Double standard?!?