MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Dozens of students at Cretin-Derham Hall High School will not be allowed at homecoming festivities this weekend after being suspended due to vandalism off campus.

A school official said Thursday as many as three dozen students won’t be allowed to attend the school’s homecoming football game against Stillwater Friday night. They also won’t be allowed to attend the school’s homecoming dance Saturday night.

A Cretin-Derham Hall spokesperson says students were involved in teepeeing and other acts of vandalism in the community. An official says the incidents happened after school hours, and not on school grounds.

The school official says the suspensions are junior and senior students, and they will be back in school on Monday. School officials said some of the students suspended are athletes, including football players.

The school released a statement on the incidents Thursday night.

“CDH is concerned not only with the behavior of our students but that we act respectfully within our communities. Unfortunately some of our students acted in a way that was not consistent with our values,” the statement reads.