MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — When summer turns to fall, it’s time to get out in the field and harvest the pumpkins.

At Barten Pumpkins in New Prague, they’ve been watching the weather. Somewhere between the rain, and threats of frost, the pumpkins are just right.

“It is a tradition. We’ve come here for probably, gosh, the last 10 years,” mother Susanne Meyer said.

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Picking your perfect pumpkin is part of the fun.

“I like that they’re my favorite color orange and I think they’re cute,” daughter Ella Meyer said.

Pumpkins are plentiful this year at Barten’s. The weather plays a role year-to-year. Too much rain can hurt the crop.

“In the beginning there were so many weeds because of the moisture. We didn’t know, and then a couple weeks ago you get down in the field and you start to look, ‘Oh my gosh, so many pumpkins,’” owner Fran Barten said.

Barten said there are pumpkins of every size and for everyone.

“This year the big ones are longer, perfect for carving. And everything from that down to basketball size down to very small pie pumpkins, which are delicious to eat,” Barten said.

She doesn’t count how many pumpkins they harvest, but when there’s enough to line the road, she knows it’s a good year.

“I’m not sure why we get blessed some years more than others but every year is perfect and OK because when you deal with nature you just accept what you get and you work with it,” Barten said.

The pumpkins are sold using the honor system. Pick your favorite then put your money in the pay box. Barten Pumpkins is open Wednesday through Sunday.

Jennifer Mayerle