By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 4-year-old boy is recovering after he found a gun inside his home and accidentally shot himself in the hand.

The girlfriend of the boy’s father has been arrested. Hennepin County prosecutors have charged 34-year-old Tiara Wilburn with endangering a child by allowing access to a gun.

The shooting happened in the 1400 block of Newton Avenue North around 11:30 Thursday morning.

Minneapolis police responded after a 4-year-old came to an area hospital with a gunshot wound to his hand.

Tiara Wilburn (credit: Hennepin Co. Jail )

Police say Wilburn owns the gun. According to the criminal complaint, she brought the gun into the house and left it in her purse.

The purse was on the floor of the bedroom and the child allegedly found it while Wilburn was preparing medicine for his father.

“This sort of a case is very intricate. As a matter of fact, our crimes against children and Hennepin County social services are investigating this as a duel investigation,” said John Elder, Minneapolis Police Department public information officer.

Wilburn is charged with one count of child endangerment by firearm access resulting in physical harm.

Elder says this incident should serve as a warning to all gun owners.

“It’s a really strong reminder to any person that has a firearm in their house, in their apartment, in their car — wherever it is — that it is properly locked up and it’s safe,” Elder said.

Elder says gun locks, trigger guards and cable locks are easy to find and reminds us that using them and safely storing your weapon is mandated by law.

The 4-year-old is in child protective custody.

Reg Chapman


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