MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Cell phone video shows the tense moments after a man pulled a gun during an argument at a Walmart in St. Cloud.

Amidst the average hustle and bustle that is Walmart, customers at the St. Cloud location had no idea of the tense confrontation that was about to erupt Sunday night. Viewer Pamela Skaalerud recorded the incident.

Behind the sign that reads $79, a man identified as Richard Allen Waagen is seen pointing a gun towards another man, identified as Mark Daniel Gibbs.

In the video, an employee in a yellow vest who tries to defuse the situation stands in front of Gibbs on the left — facing Waagen’s gun.

All the while, customers are only steps away.

Police say the argument started because of an incident outside. They say Waagen yelled at a women who was parked in the no-parking area outside the store’s entrance, and then hit her side view mirror.

The woman called her father, Gibbs, who was in the store, and described the man who confronted her, who turned out to be Waagen.

Police say Gibbs grabbed Waagen’s shoulder to confront him about the incident, leading to Waagen pulling out his pistol.

Police say Waagen has a permit to carry a gun.

Gibbs had a gun on him, but never draws it. Police say he admitted to throwing it in the trash in the bathroom before officers arrived. Gibbs does not have a permit.

The alarming scene ended peacefully and the woman who shot the video said she was thankful for how employees handled the situation.

No shots were fired and nobody was hurt. But both men were later arrested and charged with several crimes.

Waagen, who drew his gun, was charged with dangerous weapon – firearm assault as well as terroristic threats – reckless disregard. Both are felonies.

Gibbs was charged with carrying a pistol without a permit in a public place – negligent firearm storage, and disorderly conduct. Those are misdemeanors.

Jeff Wagner


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