Note: The attached video is from the traffic stop in 2016.

WORTHINGTON, Minn. (WCCO) – A man has won a $60,000 settlement as the result of a lawsuit against the Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force and the City of Worthington for what the American Civil Liberties Union called a brutal attack during a 2016 traffic stop.

The ACLU of Minnesota sued the city of Worthington, their police force and a drug task force in connection to Anthony Promvongsa’s treatment during a 2016 traffic stop. In a released video of the stop, a Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force agent is seen opening an SUV door, then kneeing and punching the driver. Authorities said that video only captured a small part of what led to charges against the driver.

Alongside the $60,000 payment, the City of Worthington agreed to a number of policy changes dealing with use of force, including requiring officers to document in their own reports when they witness other officers using force.

Promvognsa was driving with a revoked license during the incident.

Two off-duty police officers reported that Promvongsa tailgated their vehicle, pulled up alongside them and threatened to attack them.

Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force Officer Joe Joswiak later located Promvongsa’s SUV and says he didn’t pull over right away.


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