ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Republican Minnesota Attorney General candidate Doug Wardlow says he’d fire all Democratic attorneys working in the office and replace them with Republicans if he wins.

Minnesota Public Radio News reported Wardlow’s remarks during a private fundraiser hosted this week. The radio station obtained a recording of the remarks from a Democratic-Farmer-Labor staffer attending the event.

Wardlow’s promise comes despite his vow that he wouldn’t be a partisan attorney general and his frequent criticism that opponent Keith Ellison is politically motivated. A Wardlow campaign spokesman says he wouldn’t apply a litmus test to employees.

The two candidates are locked in an unusually close race for an office that Democrats have easily held for five decades. Ellison has been dogged by an allegation of physical abuse from an ex-girlfriend, which Ellison denies.

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Comments (2)
  1. Brian Bruzek says:

    Yet another example of a politician who believes the agenda of the party is more important than the agenda of the people. You have no business running for office.

  2. Bill Clinton fired 93 attorneys when he came into office. So, this is a GLARING example of Hypocrisy at it’s Democratic best.