MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — During last week’s International Babywearing Week, meteorologist Susie Martin had some help reporting the weather — from her 21-month-old sidekick.

A Minnesotan since 2008, the Praedictix employee wrapped her toddler to her back and did business as usual on Oct. 5, 2018.


In a Q&A with the Eden Prarie-based weather station, Martin says babywearing helped her family and encourages others to try it. After doing a similar video last year with Spectrum News Kentucky, she decided to repeat the same idea.

“I figured why not do it again? If I could inspire at least one parent to try babywearing and if it helped them even a fraction as much as it has helped me and my family, it would be well worth it,” she said.

With the camera rolling before the broadcast, Martin demonstrated the baby-wrapping process.


A now-closed nonprofit, Babywearing International still offers online information for getting started with babywearing.

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