ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party says it will suspend for one week a party official who wrote on Facebook that Republicans should be brought “to the guillotines” after Election Day.

Party spokesman William Davis wrote in reference to Republicans: “11.7 — bring them to the guillotines.”

Party executive director Corey Day says Davis regrets the post and has deleted it. Day said the comment stemmed from an inside joke with former co-workers that still violated the party’s standards for employees.

Spokeswoman Charlene Briner said Davis would be suspended for one week without pay starting Monday.

Republicans are calling the comments “disgusting and appalling.” Kory Wood, a consultant for GOP attorney general candidate Doug Wardlow’s campaign, said calling to decapitate Republicans has no place in politics.

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  1. Lewis H Heifner says:

    “Suspended” = We agree with it, but we want to appease the press with some sort of slap on the wrist. The POS should be arrested and tried for threatening 60+ million people. 1 hour in jail for every person threatened should be about right.

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