MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The search for Jayme Closs, the 13-year-old missing Wisconsin girl, entered its third day Wednesday. Law enforcement agencies have worked around the clock to find her since Monday morning. Closs was last seen at a family gathering Sunday afternoon.

Early Monday morning a 911 call led police to her home in Barron, Wisconsin, where officers found her parents – 46-year-old Denise and 56-year-old James Closs – dead.

A relative told CBS News that the home’s door was shot in.

Police say gunshots were involved in the parents’ deaths, but they have yet to give more details on the situation. They also know whose phone dialed 911, but they have yet to name the device’s owner.

On Tuesday, a second search of the Closs home and property turned up no new leads. Meanwhile, authorities say they’ve gotten more than 200 tips following an Amber Alert that was issued Monday afternoon.

One tip from police in Miami, Florida, said that Closs was possibly spotted at a gas station, 1,500 miles away from western Wisconsin. However, investigators with the Barron County Sheriff’s Office say that the tip is not credible.

Authorities have said they believe Closs was home at the time of her parents’ deaths.

At a press conference Tuesday, Baron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald called for locals to come forward if they notice anything suspicious.

“Every second counts in this case,” he said. “When a child like Jayme is missing, we ask you to observe this behavior and report it to us.”

Anyone who notices anything suspicious or sees Closs is asked to call 911 or the Barron County Sheriff’s Office at 715-537-3106.