MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — He’s long been a seen as a friend to Minnesota High school coaches. Gordy Shaw made his name recruiting Minnesota high school football players as an assistant for the Gophers.

After a long career that covered most of the United States, he moved back to Maple Grove and found a job … as a high school coach.

On a cold day at Maple Grove High School, the offensive line was getting a tutorial from a guy who knows a little about the game.

Gordy Shaw has spent most of the past 40 years coaching college linemen. He kept his home here while continuing the journey, but this fall, at his wife’s request, he came back.

“She’s missing the grandkids,” he said. “So we came back to Minnesota.”

His new arena: Friday nights, instead of Saturday afternoons.

“Having someone like him on the staff has been a treat,” Maple Grove coach Matt Lombardi said. “We’ve been very lucky that he’s in this area.”

There is something of an adjustment to coaching the high school game, though.

“Unbelievably different. I’ve always admired high school coaches because you’ve got to build with what’s in the building. They don’t go out and recruit players. They’ve got to understand the kids’ skill levels.”

He’s old school — that means run the football, and that’s what Maple Grove wants to be about, with a little Shaw education.
“After games, he’s there at 7:30 in the morning with the O-line, teaching them how to grade themselves,” Lombardi said. “He brings a little of the college flair to it.”

That’s all part of what he does: coach football.

“These kids are out there because they love football. They’re not getting a scholarship for it. It’s really rewarding from that standpoint. They play football because they love it,” Shaw said.


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