BARRON, Wis. (WCCO) — Seven days, and no clear answers Sunday night in the search for Jayme Closs.

The 13-year-old from Barron, Wis., has been missing for a week. Her parents were found dead in their western Wisconsin home. Jayme hasn’t been seen since.

Deputies say they’ve shifted through more than 1,000 tips but so far, there’s been no sign of Jayme.

Jessica Hoisington’s kids are younger. She doesn’t know Jayme Closs’s family, but feels the pain.

“It just goes to show you can’t say that will never happen to me, no one’s safe,” Hoisington said.

She says she is going to serious measures.

“I went out and got a dog, a pit bull lab because the thought someone could break in and murder me terrifies me that is utterly terrifying,” Hoisington said.

She says her sister-in-law chose to buy a gun.

“I’m terrified. I want to stay in my home where I know that I’m safe, my babies safe, keep an eye on them at all times,” Hoisington said.

And fear is warranted, according to deputies. They say 13-year-old Jayme is still in danger. Her face is on billboards around the country, and her name will soon be worn on wrists in her hometown.

The green bracelets are going for $5 at the community center. Jayme’s close friend and her mom bought 10. The family friend tells WCCO, “Jim, Denise and Jayme were our friends and we really want Jayme to be found and come home. She’s important to a lot of people.”

She says the little girl has the biggest of hearts.

“She’s so sweet and humble always thinking of other people than herself. Her Mom was a lot like that.”

So now, she says she will pray alongside so many others that a town that’s lost its innocence will find Jayme. The family friend says, “We just want answers, we want her to come home safe.”

Monday night, the town is invited here from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. to Jayme’s school for a night of hope.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield