By John Lauritsen

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Twin Cities family says a fun night out turned into a night of fear and disappointment.

Kristin Warzenski says she and her family were looking forward to going to ValleySCARE last Saturday night, but she said fights broke out and she and her 9-year-old son were caught in the middle.

Warzenski and her son were waiting in line for a ride when a girl accused another girl of budging.

“The aggressor in this situation had wanted to get at the girl who was standing in front of my son and so she ran and charged at her and ended up hitting me and then ended up hitting me and then hitting my son,” Warzenski said.

Then the girl turned on Warzenski.

“So when I turned around and said, ‘My son is here,’ she threatened my life. She threatened to beat me up,” Warzenski said.

She captured two cellphone videos of arguments that night. Warzenski said one shows a single security guard trying to break up a group of people.

“It took other security a significant amount of time to come and help him. It puts him in such a dangerous situation,” Warzenski said. “You can’t control that many people.”

It’s not the first time the park has had problems with fighting.

On opening night of ValleySCARE last month, Valleyfair had to be evacuated after fights broke out.

In a statement, a Valleyfair spokesperson said they have increased security in 3 ways since opening night, they’ve added more local law enforcement to the park. They’ve added more contracted security, and they’ve also added more Valleyfair park officers.

Valleyfair said they use metal detectors and other security systems not visible to guests. They said the people fighting last weekend were removed from the park, but Warzenski said whatever improvements they’ve made didn’t help her and her son.

“Something terrible is going to happen to someone’s child and that’s going to be on their hands,” Warzenski said.

Valleyfair said they encourage guests to contact a ride operator or security guard if they see a fight. They are also encouraged to call 911 if a staff member is not close by.

John Lauritsen

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  1. Rocco Colson says:

    Keep your untamed “children” at home if they can’t behave like humans.

  2. Wyatt Cieluch says:

    Frustrating to see a private park drain public police resources because they can’t control their own park. I understand they deserve police coverage but I hope they are paying for those officers on site.

  3. John Iacono Sr says:

    How about refunding their money Valley Fair??

  4. Isn’t cultural enrichment a great thing, fellow whites? Our masters will shout “diversity is our strength” until every last white American is murdered by muslim invaders.

    It’s not too late to save our state.

  5. Michael Carlson says:

    Is WCCO seriously going to allow comments like from Macedonian?

  6. Chris Divine says:

    It’s a free country Michael! Free speech is included.

    1. Carrie Parker says:

      You clearly do not know what Freedom of Speech means.

      1. Gary Stephanson says:

        Please Carrie inform us all what it means.

  7. Jenny Baker-Sinderman says:

    There are so many security guards out there, but yeah you go to an event with lots of people and so many young people there are going to be incidents. But I feel there are plenty of security and I see them in groups of 2-3 with dogs. My daughter and son in law had 6 kids out there and they didn’t have any concerns on Saturday night.