MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Department of Transportation is installing a safety fence to protect some homeless people encamped alongside Hiawatha Avenue in Minneapolis.

Crews working with MnDOT started working Wednesday morning, placing a fence around the homeless encampment near Franklin and Hiawatha.

The chain link fencing will protect the people living in tents from flying debris that might kick up from the road when crews plow snow.

The chain-link fence will sit on top of a concrete barrier and will remain in place until the temporary navigation center is up and running.

(credit: CBS)

Many who work with those experiencing homelessness in the tent city say they thought the people living in tents would have housing before winter.

“There is no out-date right now. I think some of the projections are going into mid-December, but like I said that’s kind of the worst case scenario,” Frank Downwing, of the American Indian Community Development Corporation, said. “I’ve seen some construction happening at the Red Lake site, so it’s just a matter of tearing the building down, capping the land, and then getting the structures up for everybody.”

The hygiene and resource center across the street will remain open until the temporary navigation center is complete. Until then, many who live there are wondering what will happen to the encampment once inches or feet of snow cover the tents.

Reg Chapman

  1. Donald RedThunder Northrup says:

    i believe the homeless issue extends far beyond the encampment by Hiawatha its becoming more frequent everywhere encampments in Brooklyn center have been raided an forced residents to vacate , advocates are scouring the city’s at the request of angry citizens an local;l police have always had issues with violence against homeless people i personally have been stopped 9 times in a 2 year period …my crime every time walking down the street police use generic excuses oddly every time all 9 they said cars were being broken into the 8th time i stood up to the sergeant in charge telling him im sick of being harassed for just living my life i didn’t choose homelessness it choose me while i made a few poor choices 75 percent was harassment an bad luck for standing up for my right to not being harassed on my birthday may 13th the muscle boys(BC police found …beat me breaking 2 ribs an filing false reports of reaching for their clothes they pinned my arms to my sides so i coundnt put them behind my back an proceeded to kick,punch, an knee me till i found my only way to make them stop was using what little strength left to get on the ground … the sergeant was sending me a f….you notice i spent 70 days in custody until the judge,procusiquter and public defender viewed body cams an vehicle cams said i didnt resist in any way and dropped the charges my civil rights …. thier oath to defend my rights were no longer a priority of bc police we homeless were being run out of town ive lived in fear everyday since not of citizens of bc but of the people sworn to protect me i have nightmares relieving that nite more an more frequent how did we get to this point its a us against them mentality on the streets we survive by hiding ,running , and mostly praying plz show compassion as we are mostly good people just trying to survive the night try sleeping on high alert every single day an night i beg Americans to understand almost everyone a slip at work a back injury away from joining our ranks it could happen to you next …..god bless everyone ….yes including the police