MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman issued a statement about the man who allegedly mailed several bombs to public figures last week and the decades-old charges the man once faced in Minnesota.

Freeman says Cesar Sayoc was charged in 1995 with theft by swindle and fifth-degree possession of crack cocaine. Sayoc was not apprehended for those crimes until 10 years later in September of 2005.

Freeman said Sayoc posted his $5,000 bail after his arrest and the charges were ultimately dismissed.

The statement reads:

“The court records indicate the drug charge was dismissed because the drugs had been destroyed in 1997. While there are no longer any records on why the theft by swindle charge was dropped, standard practice would be to determine if there was still sufficient evidence and witness availability 10 years later. If not, the case would have to be dismissed.”

Freeman adds that even if the case could have gone forward and a guilty verdict would have been reached, Sayoc wouldn’t have received prison time for his offenses, thus making him free to leave Minnesota at that time.