MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — WWith less than a week until the election, Republicans and Democrats are making closing arguments on the airwaves.

But some of the campaign commercials are misleading.

We’ll take a look at two of them, from Future 45 PAC and Independence USA PAC.

The claims from the Future 45 Republican ad are so exaggerated, calling it FALSE doesn’t do it justice.

It says voting Democrat will bring chaos and financial ruin.

Here’s a complete text of the ad, which includes images of an apocalyptic future with gangs, riots, and Democratic politicians.

“The screaming. The violence. The smears. The death threats. The far left moving to socialism. Undefended open borders. Immediate tax increases. One hundred percent government run health care. The booming economy? Stopped. Nancy Pelosi back in power. Gridlock. And then? Impeachment. Is that really what you want? Voting Democrat gets you all of that. Future 45 is responsible for the contents of this ad.”


– Socialism means the government owns all production. Democrats are not advocating for it.

– No Democrat supports undefended borders or “open borders.” Some support replacing ICE, but not the Customs and Border Enforcement.

– President Trump can veto any tax hike House Democrats pass, if it ever reaches his desk.

– And U.S. health care is privately run, and even a “Medicare for All” proposal does not include a government takeover.

This Independence USA Democratic ad also makes MISLEADING claims.

A closing argument that can be boiled down essentially to: “Vote against Donald Trump”.

Here is the complete text of the Independence USA ad, which features workers and patients of different genders and races:

“You’re feeling the squeeze. Costs are rising. It’s hard to keep up. In Washington, one party is calling the shots, and the middle class isn’t being heard. We need a new Congress that will cut taxes for the middle class. Ensure coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. And protect Social Security and Medicare. Vote for a Democratic Congress. For an economy that works for everyone. Independence USA PAC is responsible for the contents of this advertising.”


– If they win, Democrats cannot pass tax cuts without President Trump’s approval. He must sign or veto all bills.

– Democrats can stop health care changes they don’t like but they cannot enact new laws, including health care, without compromising first with the Senate, then with the House.

And it’s FALSE to suggest Republicans will cut Social Security and Medicare, as some Democrats are, to pay for tax cuts.

So: Who’s behind these ads?

Famous billionaires.

The pro-Trump Future 45 PAC is mostly funded by Republican donor Sheldon Adelson.

Adelson and his wife contributed $20,000,000 to finance the PAC.

Independence USA is a PAC financed by Democrat Michael Bloomberg, who put in $17,200,000.

That’s Reality Check.

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Pat Kessler