MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The editorial board of Minnesota’s largest newspaper has announced that it’s not endorsing either Democrat Keith Ellison or Republican Doug Wardlow in the race for attorney general.

The Star Tribune’s Editorial Board said Friday that it cannot recommend either candidate due to their being “too partisan to hold statewide office.” The board noted that it was “deeply frustrating” to withhold an endorsement.


In explaining its decision, the board expressed concerns that Wardlow had worked for the Alliance Defending Freedom, a controversial religious group that the Southern Poverty Law Center deemed a “hate group.” The board was also concerned about Wardlow’s reported promise to fundraisers that he’d fire Democratic attorneys if elected.

As for Ellison, the board expressed concern over his personal life, which has been under scrutiny after an ex-girlfriend, Karen Monahan, accused him of emotional abuse and dragging her off a bed. Ellison has denied the allegations.

Voters will decided who fills the office, which is currently held by Lori Swanson, on Tuesday. Swanson has held the office since 2007 before dropping out of the race for the DFL endorsement this summer, after which she launched a short-lived campaign for governor. Her stepping out of the attorney general race prompted Ellison to leave his seat in Congress and run for attorney general.

  1. Dale Sandahl says:

    How about we ask Lori to change her mind??