WASECA, Minn. (AP) — The girlfriend of a notorious mob boss murdered in prison this week is serving her time behind bars in Minnesota.

Catherine Greig helped James “Whitey” Bulger evade authorities for 16 years while he was on the FBI’s most wanted list. The 89-year-old Bulger was fatally beaten in a federal prison in West Virginia on Tuesday. He was serving two life sentences for 11 murders along with money-laundering and other crimes.

Bulger and Greig went into hiding in 1995 and were caught in Santa Monica, California in 2011. The Free Press says the 67-year-old Greig is in the Waseca Federal Correctional Institution. She pleaded guilty to harboring a fugitive and identity fraud. She could be released in September of 2020.

Waseca houses 660 female inmates and is the only federal women’s prison in Minnesota.

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