ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Anti-abortion and abortion rights supporters gathered outside the Planned Parenthood on University Avenue in St. Paul Sunday afternoon.

“Pro-Life Action Ministries” held a closing pray vigil for its “40 Days of Life Event.” The group said members prayed and fasted for 40 days to end abortion.

Abortion rights supporters gathered across the street for a “Fight for Reproductive Rights” rally.

“I am here because I am an atheist and I find a narrow perspective of religion trying to deny rights to a larger group of people and I find in democracy that isn’t right. So I am here to voice my opinion for secular values for reproductive rights,” Pro-choice supporter Steve Peterson said.

Anti-abortion supporters say they wanted to bring a positive pro-life message to the Twin Cities.

“We know, absolutely, everyone woman is harmed spiritually. All the more reason for the people of God, the followers of Jesus Christ, to be out here praying and to be present to offer the love of God. And the wealth of help that’s available in our pro-life community so that this doesn’t happen,” anti-abortion supporter Brian Gibson said.


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