MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota candidates up and down the ballot are making their final pitches to voters on the eve of Election Day.

An open governor’s seat, two U.S. Senate races, a handful of competitive congressional elections and control of the Minnesota Legislature are all on the ballot on Tuesday.

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We’re tracking where the candidates are and what they’re saying.

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Many of these races are very close, and because Minnesota has same-day registration, we are a state where surprises can and do happen. Just think Jesse Ventura.

And that’s why the major candidates were out campaigning on Monday.

We caught up with GOP candidate for Governor Jeff Johnson in Cold Spring late Monday afternoon.

He has been trailing in the polls, but says he is optimistic.

“I know exactly what it feels like, when you know what it feels like, before you win an election and unfortunately I know what it feels like before you lose an election and you know what it feels like? It feels like we are going to win an election,” Johnson said.

While Republicans are spreading out across the state Monday, Democrats have been campaigning together in the metro trying to fire up the DFL base.

Major Democratic candidates piled off the DFL bus on Monday in north Minneapolis.

Congressman Tim Walz, who has been ahead in every Governor’s race poll, sounded an optimistic note.

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“There is an alternative out there, there is a better world, there is a more joyous world a more inclusive world,” Walz said.

Senator Tina Smith was unexpectedly elevated to the Senate when Governor Mark Dayton appointed her late last year after Senator Al Franken abruptly resigned. The nationally-known publication Roll Call just added Smith to their list of most vulnerable U.S. Senators.

“I think it’s a real sign that this election is up for grabs and people need to get out and vote,” Smith said.

Smith’s opponent has trailed in all major polls, but says the race is tightening.

“The momentum, it swung right about the Kavanaugh hearings, Republicans really got energized,” Housley said.

One of the closest races is for Minnesota Attorney General. Congressman Keith Ellison has consistently denied accusations of physical and emotional abuse from his ex-girlfriend.

“The only poll that matters is the one tomorrow night and I am feeling good, I am feeling very confident,” Ellison said.

Ellison faces Doug Wardlow, who as an attorney has represented a group that opposes any expansion of LGBTQ rights. Wardlow, who has been campaigning in northern Minnesota, sounded a victory call this weekend in Hopkins.

“We are going to win back the Attorney General’s office for the first time in 48 years,” Wardlow said.

One candidate we did not see on the Democratic bus tour in the metro Monday was U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar. She is up for re-election on Tuesday.

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Polls have shown her with an extraordinary lead of between 20 and 30 points over Republican State Representative Jim Newberger.

Esme Murphy