By Pat Kessler
minnesota politics 101 1400x1400 Voters, Candidates Continuing Efforts As Election Day Looms

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota candidates are crisscrossing the state one last time on the eve of Election Day.

Republicans and Democrats are making their final pitch to voters and mobilizing an army of volunteers to get out the vote.

The candidates made one final push for votes today, scrambling to every corner of Minnesota. But now, it all comes down to the next 24 hours.

Minnesota Democrats ended their campaign at a Minneapolis labor hall, calling this election a referendum.

Republicans are betting a big turnout in greater Minnesota. In Cold Spring, gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson predicted an upset.

Minnesota voters are already smashing previous turnout records, with the Secretary of State reporting more than 500,000 early voters.

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For some, it’s easier to cast a ballot before the election, and other voters want to register their political discontent.

“I am not happy with how things are being run and I want that change to be reflected,” said Kaite Demartelaere, a student.

“I think the political landscape has gotten pretty complex and has gotten pretty polarized,” added Karl Anderson, of Minneapolis.

Minnesota may be headed for a higher than normal turnout. Those 540,000 early voters? That’s already more than a quarter of the 2 million voters in 2014.


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