ROCHESTER, Minn. (WCCO) — Police say a Rochester man who hid cocaine in his butt crack ingested the drug after being arrested and had to have his stomach pumped over the weekend.

According to KIMT, Kadar Abdullahi, 25, was taken into custody on narcotics charges after authorities responded to a damaged property call possibly involving a gun.

While police searched Abdullahi, they said they felt “something the size of a bouncy ball in his butt crack.” Police believe that Abdullahi took the drug out of his pants while he was being transported to jail and then ingested it.

Abdullahi began coughing upon arriving to jail, where officers also observed white powder coming out of his nose. Abdullahi was subsequently taken to St. Mary’s Hospital where his stomach was pumped.

Authorities say they found about 23.66 grams of cocaine on the ground and in the back of the squad car.

Abdullahi faces two counts of substance violation charges and obstructing the legal process/interfering with a police officer.


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