MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Between making rounds on national television, Ilhan Omar spent some time at the University of Minnesota Wednesday morning.

She was part of a bipartisan panel analyzing last night’s results.

The panel of Republicans and Democrats reflected on the results at the U’s Humphrey School. A huge topic was the effect that President Trump had on this election.

The Republicans and future Democratic Congress member Omar had this to say:

Ben Golnik, executive director of the Minnesota House Republicans caucus

“My take on what happened was this was a referendum on Donald Trump and he’s clearly very, very unpopular in the suburbs. We saw that.”

Ilhan Omar, current State House Representative and U.S. House Representative-elect

“Americans want to say we know what kind of county we are and how we want to operate and I think there was a clear rejection to the politics of fear and division. The kind of opportunity that came from the resistance to this awful person in the White House and Republicans kind of adopting that message that being a strong man kind of sustained them, allowed for us to say that there is a kind of politics that’s about hope; about joy; about optimism; about inclusion.”

Vin Weber, Republican strategist, former Congressman

“Given the high levels of turnout, you have to say that the president motivated both sides considerably, but the Democrats won.”

Congress member-elect Omar had to leave the discussion early, but before she left she said she plans to focus on infrastructure and expanding democracy.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield

  1. I hope she fails. I do not like what this person stand for; SOCIALISM!