By Esme Murphy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Governor Mark Dayton remains at the Mayo Clinic undergoing rehabilitation for post-surgery complications.

The Governor says he is in constant contact with his staff and state commissioners as he continues to recover from his multiple surgeries.

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Governor Dayton underwent his latest surgery in the second week of October. Since then, he has undergone at least one other major procedure and he remains at the Mayo Clinic undergoing rehabilitation

Dayton’s staff has scheduled a phone news conference with the Governor Tuesday morning to answer questions. Meanwhile, Governor Dayton’s son and Governor-Elect Tim Walz says as Governor Dayton recovers, he is working on the transition

Gov. Dayton’s son businessman and entrepreneur Eric Dayton has this comment about his father’s health.

“The recovery from his surgery has taken longer than he had hoped, but I know he is glad to be returning home this week and we’re looking forward celebrating Thanksgiving together as a family,” Eric Dayton said.

Governor-Elect Tim Walz offered this statement, thanking the Dayton administration.

“Governor Dayton, his cabinet members and his staff are working tirelessly to ensure we have everything we need to hit the ground running in January,” Walz said.

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Minnesota apparently does not have a legal process in place if the Governor is not able to fulfill duties.

“Unlike at the federal level, where there is a law in place, where there is actually a constitutional amendment in place where it is possible to pass off authority to the vice president temporarily, we don’t have an equivalent,”

Governor Dayton has long suffered from health issues. Two-and-a-half years ago, he offered this jab at opponents and anyone who doubted his stamina.

”If the good Lord takes me away from here, but if I am living, breathing, I will be hear until January 2019. Sorry to disappoint people but that is the way it is,” Dayton said.

Governor-Elect Tim Walz said Monday while Governor Dayton remains at Mayo Clinic, the Governor has always been available to help with transition issues.

“Governor Dayton has been available by phone every time I have sought his counsel and we plan to meet in person when he returns to St. Paul,” Walz said.

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We did reach out to Lt. Governor Michele Fischbach and did not hear back.

Esme Murphy