MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Thanksgiving prep is well underway in kitchens all over the country, but that food could cause some serious problems for certain family members.

Thanksgiving can be a dicey time for dogs and cats, from the food to the crowds.

Zeke was adopted by his mom, Kelsie Young, a year and a half ago. Now, their Roseville family is growing.

“I’m fostering Nugget right now and he’s 9 weeks old, and he’s from AHS as well,” Young said.

Young is also anticipating the biggest meal of the year.

“I really like to make mashed potatoes,” she said. “They’re my favorite.”

But as we found out from a veterinarian, Thanksgiving cravings can come at a cost.

“There’s new smells, there’s new food, there’s new people — it’s a lot,” Dr. Angelica Dimock said. “It’s a lot for us and it’s even more for a dog.”

Dimock says foods that are good to us can be bad for our pets. She says onions, chives and garlic, in addition to other popular items, can cause digestive problems.

“They can actually cause kidney failure and its usually fatal, so keep away from grapes and raisins,” Dimock said.

She also says chocolate, guacamole and nuts are no-nos.

And on this holiday, you shouldn’t throw a dog a bone.

“Raw bones from turkeys, because they are small and fragile, they can cause a lot of issues,” Dimock said. “They can cause choking; they can actually block the intestine and cause major surgeries.”

But, she adds, bones from the pet store are just fine.

Trash cans can also be land mines for pets like Nugget, as they are full of foods that can be bad for them, so it’s important to keep them shut.

Dr. Dimock says it’s also important to be an advocate for your dog, giving them extra love when they may be overwhelmed by guests.

It is okay to let them indulge on sweet potatoes, pumpkin or carrots, and to let them know, we’re thankful for them.

“It’s just that they have a lot of love to give,” she said. “They’re always there, ready to give you some kisses.”

Nugget will be available for adoption at the Animal Humane Society’s Golden Valley location next week.


Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield


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