MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With an early Thanksgiving, any fresh Christmas trees are going to be up a little longer this year. But with Christmas still a month away, WCCO went to the experts to find out how you can keep your tree looking healthy through the holiday.

A sprawling Revak tree farm in Lakeville is a living dream come true for one green-thumbed man, Dale Revak.

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“I’ve been selling trees since I was 12,” Revak said.

Revak is enjoying a quiet Monday after a wildly busy weekend. The Swenson family was one of more than a thousand families to cut down a fresh Christmas tree.

“It’s just the experience, with the kids, the wife, bringing the kids, cutting down the tree and having some hot cocoa,” Mark Swenson said.

The Lakeville family’s outdoor decorations are complete, and the tree is next.  Mark says, “Thanksgiving comes and we get the tree the Friday or Saturday after, no matter how late, how early it is.”

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But the early purchase time means there’s added danger of the tree becoming dry.

“The secret is to cut the bottom off, put water in it and put it in a stand right away,” Revak said.

Revak says to cut the tree again right before you bring it inside the house, “In the garage so your wife doesn’t get mad at you. Put water in right away and that helps it live longer.”

He also says placement of the tree is key.

“You should get it away from the air ducts and move it out so the heat doesn’t go up and dry up the branches,” Revak said.

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It’s also recommended trees are not in direct sunlight.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield