By David McCoy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s hard to argue that Mike Zimmer doesn’t have a point.

The Vikings ran just 13 times against the Patriots, despite the game being tied until late in the third quarter — hardly desperation pass-happy time.

Dalvin Cook averaged more than nine yards a carry, yet only got nine carries.

He hasn’t gotten more than 10 since returning from injury, but it’s worth pointing out he’s been woefully ineffective in as many games as he’s been good.

So, as Zimmer’s public criticism of his offensive coordinator’s play-calling continues, it was worth asking: Is it just coming after the fact? Or how much is Zimmer stepping in during the game to offer direction and to tell John DeFilippo what he wants?

“Yeah, a little bit. To be honest with you it’s hard when I’m trying to correct things on defense and trying to help on the special teams,” Zimmer said. “So I need to do a better job there.”

Zimmer is considering getting more involved with the offense during the game though. He said in order to do that, he’s thinking about delegating more defensive responsibilities to defensive coordinator George Edwards, freeing up more of his time. But he said he hasn’t made his mind up about that yet.

“When things are going smooth, it’s no issue. I can go talk to the offense all I want. When things are helter skelter on defense, then I am spending a little bit more time with them,” Zimmer said.

However tenuous the relationship between Zimmer and DeFilippo is, the head coach did offer some support as well.

“I think he’s doing a good job. We talk all the time. We talk about things what I think are important and I think he tries to do those,” Zimmer said.

Apparently, just not enough.

David McCoy


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