By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Kyle and Nicolle Peltier thought they were coming to Target Field Thursday to volunteer with the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans’ Military StandDown. But when they walked into the stadium, they got a big surprise.

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The Peltiers were greeted by MACV staff and volunteers, along with members of the Coon Rapids Fire Department Spouses Organization. The wives pulled their resources to make Christmas special for this family that has been through so much.

“Each child has a few toys, clothing. The parents have gifts. The response has been incredible,” said Tiffany Buszta of the Coon Rapids Fire Department Spouses Organization.

Twins legend Justin Morneau was also on hand to present the family with Twins tickets, food and beverage vouchers. He also spent time helping Kayden Peltier open up one of his gifts.

Twins mascot T.C. Bear quickly became Kayden’s buddy, while mom and dad tried to take in all the love from the community.

“We were able to get them a Christmas tree and ornaments, and just be able to really give them the true Christmas that they deserve after working so hard and overcoming so many things in their lives,” Buszta said.

Kyle’s wish was for baby wipes and gas cards so he could get back and forth to work. But the Coon Rapids Fire Department Spouses Organization was not done with this Marine veteran. Kyle was given rinkside tickets to a Minnesota Wild Game, plus vouchers for food and drink. Both were more than grateful and happy that MACV once again served as their guardian angel.

“We weren’t sure what was going to happen, so it’s nice to be able to get this blessing,” Nicole said.

“I want to thank MACV for all of the assistance through the couple of years to help us get back on our feet, and all the volunteers that helped out,” Kyle said. “I’m speechless. The amount of people that actually care, thank you.”

Here is more information about our Home for the Holidays campaign for MACV.

Reg Chapman