ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Members of a coalition for paid family leave met lawmakers at the Capitol Monday to encourage the passing of new legislation that would allow for up to 12 weeks paid time off for employees.

New parents, a senior caregiver and a small business owner spoke to lawmakers as part of the Minnesotans for Paid Family Leave group. The group is made of people from about 25 organizations that advocate for the Paid Family and Medical Leave legislation.

The group says legislation would be funded by a joint employee-employer contribution, where a statewide insurance fund would ultimately be created. The worker’s wage replacement would then be paid by these funds.

The group said leave is unequally distributed due to race, ethnicity, earnings levels and work schedules.

“Black Minnesotans, just like all Minnesotans, desire and deserve to be there and care for those we love without making the untenable decisions between our loved one and having a paycheck. Minnesotans deserve this legislation,” Mazel McCoy-Anderson, a faith leader with ISAIAH, said.

The group says 84 percent of people polled by Pew said they support paid family and medical leave.

  1. Liberty means you can choose not to have kids or have kids, the 13th amendment says you’re not allowed to enslave people to pay for your kids.