MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The homeless encampment that has been, for the latter half of the year, a highly visible testament to the state of homelessness in Minneapolis has closed.

On Friday, Minneapolis officials said that they have expanded the capacity for the temporary navigation center that has been constructed not far from the site of the Hiawatha Avenue homeless encampment.

The navigation center is made up of three heated structures, each of which can house up to 40 people. It’s built on land owned by the Red Lake Nation.

On Friday, officials said that they have expanded their capacity by 15 beds, and have now welcomed 135 people.

Crews closed the site of the encampment on Friday, and have been in the process of cleaning it up for the last week.

The navigation center will be in place until the spring. Until then, it’ll help those affected by homelessness with medical and housing services.

The Red Lake Nation plans to develop the land the navigation center is on into permanent housing.

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