MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — You can’t get more Minnesotan than the great outdoors, hotdish, crazy-cold weather, and being able to take getting made fun of for being Minnesotan. Here’s a look back at some of the most uniquely-Minnesotan headlines of the year.

Bemidji Photographer Snaps Photo Of Mama Duck With 76 Babies

A mama duck in Minnesota captured hearts across the nation in late July after a Bemidji photographer snapped an image of her leading an astonishing 76 ducklings across a lake.

What Does ‘Skol’ Actually Mean?

Unless you’re a Minnesotan, or an ex-pat Vikings fan, the word “skol” doesn’t mean much to you. In this edition of Good Question from January, Heather Brown talks to a Swedish language expert to find out its surprising origin.

Celebs Test Their Knowledge Of All Things Minnesota

The Super Bowl brought hundreds of celebrities to the Twin Cities, many of whom were embarrassingly unfamiliar with our wonderful ways.

‘It’s Angry Cold’: Celebs Sound Off On Minn. Weather

All those Super Bowl celebs were also shocked to find themselves in peak Minnesota winter — and boy did we love watching them try to cope!

Minnesota Researchers Record ‘First Ever’ Video Footage Of Wolves Hunting Freshwater Fish

As a state that treasures its wildlife — and has three wildlife-themed pro sports teams — it’s no surprise that this video from Voyageurs National Park earlier this month was one of our most-read stories of the year.

Stolen ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Ruby Slippers Recovered After 13 Years

FBI investigators followed the yellow brick road to recover one of the most important pieces of movie memorabilia back in September: Dorothy’s ruby slippers from “The Wizard of Oz.” In case you’re scratching your head at this one, remember that Judy Garland is a Grand Rapids native.

Against The Odds: Minnesota Cow Gives Birth To Quadruplets

One Cow. Four calves. Back in June, a Sebeka family won the bovine lottery!

“I’ve been around cows my whole life, and I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Rolling Stone: First Avenue, Electric Fetus Among Best Music Institutions In America

This should come as a complete shock to precisely no Minnesotan, but Rolling Stone magazine earlier this month declared First Avenue one of the ten finest music venues in America, and also called Electric Fetus one of the nation’s best record stores.

‘Is He Giving It CPR?’: Body Camera Captures Driver Helping Squirrel

Back in October, the Minnesotan love of wildlife went viral in a wonderfully strange way. Body cameras from Brooklyn Park Police captured officers giving high-fives to a young driver after he appeared to successfully give CPR to a stunned squirrel!

MSP Digs Out From Biggest April Snow Event In 34 Years

We Minnesotans take pride in our insane winter weather, and that pride shined brighter than the North Star back in April, when the Twin Cities put their snowblowers to the limit — in the same week as the Minnesota Twins’ home opener.