ALEXANDRIA, Minn. (WCCO) — As expected, winter has returned to the Upper Midwest with a big end-of-the-year storm. People have been working and playing across Alexandria, where most were excited to see this much snow.

“It’s beautiful out. You couldn’t ask for a nicer snow storm until it starts to blow,” Jerry Dahlheimer said. “Then I’m not looking forward to it.”

Jim Salhi drove up from the cities just to take advantage of the fresh powder.

“I’m going to Florida tomorrow and I had to get up here before I went down there,” Sahli said. “People are saying you’re getting all this snow up here so I came up to go snowmobiling for one day, then I’m going back.”

People also got out to clear their driveways and dig out their cars with the tools they had available.

“It was up as high as the windows on the side and over the front. I think it was a little bit with the snow and some snow plows that have been through,” Mike Empting said. “We can get some traction and get it out of here, I hope.”

The city worked to clear downtown with six trucks hauling hundreds of loads of snow off the roads.

“Just start up the snow blower and push it along and it blows the snow into the truck and when they’re full I give them the little light in the front there and then they go and dump,” Curt Nelson said.

But there’s still fun to be had when it’s this fresh and fluffy. Families say they’ll get outside while they can.

Jennifer Mayerle