By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — First the snow and then the rain — the byproduct: a slushy mess.

It was enough to leave area side streets causing problems for people who have to clean it up.

“Rain ain’t even bothering me, it’s actually pretty nice out so we’re going into January I can’t complain,” said Julie Scherer, cleaning the sidewalk of Waldmann Brewery & Wurstery in St. Paul.

Temperatures in the mid-30s caused rain to eat away the snow, being problematic for areas where flooding is an issue.

Jeremy Bodlovick says he dressed for the weather to deliver mail in St. Paul’s Cherokee Park neighborhood.

“These are just overshoes that I normally wear when it’s raining, not necessarily in the winter, but it’s kind of a mix of both today,” said Bodlovick.

Rain, sleet and snow will stop Jeremy from his duties. He, like Minneapolis Public Work crews, is concerned about what’s to come.

“Wait until overnight when it freezes, then you should freak out,” said Bodlovick.

Minneapolis Public Works Director Robin Hutcheson says crews are pulling double duty.

“We want to make sure that as much standing water is removed before the temperature drops and we get into icy conditions,” said Hutcheson.

Not only are they plowing snow off streets and highways, but crews are also responding to catch basin drains that are slowed by the slushy aftermath of our wild weather.

The concern is falling temperatures.

Crews are racing to clear away as much water off the streets before the temperatures dip, and they need your help. If you see more flooding than usual, call 911 so public work crews can get the area clear before it turns to ice.

Reg Chapman


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