MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Wisconsin woman woke up early New Year’s Day to find a drunk stranger in her living room, sleeping on the dog bed next to her 150-pound mastiff.

CBS 58 reports that Lynn Sarver, of Waukesha, and her roommate, Elise Diskerud, first thought the man was Sarver’s 21-year-old. They quickly realized their mistake and called police.

The man was still sleeping when officers arrived early Tuesday morning.

“He was passed out on the dog bed and they woke him up and he was cooperative and apologetic,” Sarver told CBS 58.

Sarver and Diskerud said the man entered their home through a side door that was accidentally left unlocked. He then passed out on the dog bed, just feet away from where the women were sleeping on the couch.

Police took the man home, which was just down the block.

Sarver and Diskerud declined to press charges against their neighbor.

“He had too much to drink last night,” Diskerud told the news station, “just give him a break.”


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