MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A new survey says Minneapolis is one of the best cities in the nation for coffee-lovers.

The website Apartment Guide listed the City of Lakes as No. 7, just ahead of Pittsburgh and just behind Salt Lake City.

The apartment hunting advice blog noted that Minneapolis has several notable independent coffee shops and a beloved Minnesota-based chain, Caribou Coffee.

Apartment Guide’s ranking method involved comparing the number of coffee-related businesses (coffee shops, tea shops and cafes) to a city’s population.

For Minneapolis, the number the blog arrived at was one coffee-related business per every 2,427 people.

As for other cities in the top 10, many were on the West Coast, such as Seattle (No. 4), San Francisco (No. 3), and Berkeley (No. 1).

The only other Midwestern city on the Top 10 list was Ann Arbor, Michigan (No. 10).

Madison, Wisconsin, came in at No. 44. Fargo, North Dakota, was No. 50.


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